Nicole needs to spend at least four hours each week practicing the guitar. She has already practiced two and one third hours this week. She wants to split the remaining practice time evenly between the last two days of the week. Write an inequality to determine the minimum number of hours she needs to practice on each of the two days. two and one third + 2x ≥ 4 two and one third + 2x ≤ 4 two and one thirdx + 2 ≤ 4 two and one thirdx + 2 ≥ 4

Accepted Solution

Answer:two and one third + 2x  ≥ 4Step-by-step explanation:The practice amount should at least be equal to four, that's why it can't be lower.Also I don't think you're supposed to write two and one third it terms of x because you're comparing it with four.